We draw up expert opinions on damages and deficiencies in PV plants, renewable energy plants and buildings as private assessments, arbitration reports or court reports. In addition, we issue insurance claims about fire and storm damage. Our portfolio is complemented by proof-of-protection for the condition of buildings and land, construction protection by means of expert supervision of construction planning and construction work for new buildings, reconstruction and renovation projects for renewable energy plants.

The categories listed show our performance spectrum clearly.
These categories are based on the core competencies of our expert office.

As reliable diagnostics are indispensable in all areas of our activities, we are delighted to have an independent thermography expert in our team.
This allows us to offer IR (infrared) thermography as an independent service of renewable energies.

We consider ourselves to be particularly qualified in the field of cost and performance calculation and will be pleased to advise you on the economic consideration of the projects. This can be done both in advance as planning check as well as in the follow-up under the consideration of post-calculation or optimization.


We are proud to say that all our experts and employees have enjoyed specialized professional training. “Our expert is based on a technician training or a university degree, followed by many years of professional experience.


With over 15 years of professional and management experience in the fields of production, development, quality management and diagnostics in the mechanical and plant engineering sectors in the field of renewable energy, our team has a great experience in the services offered.

In our personnel combination, we were and are still  at home in production as well as a project management at large construction sites.


According to the general definition, any expert who is capable of carrying out “proof of special expertise” may name himself. This is a fairly nonspecific description. Simplified, it can be assumed that there are two possible but not legally mandatory criteria which can serve the logical and practical derivation. [QS2-01]

In order to be able to distinguish between these matters, all our experts have so far been subject to certification and to a final examination to demonstrate their special expertise.

The following list shows the possibilities for certifications and recognition:

  • Certified experts
  • EU Certified Experts according to ISO 17024
  • State-recognized experts (Germany)
  • Publicly appointed and sworn experts (Germany)
  • Free and generally recognized, otherwise qualified experts


We are equipped with extensive technical and safety equipment.

This includes a set of equipment for electrical and mechanical measurements, surface analyzes, devices for the determination of irradiation intensity, thermographic devices and protective equipment.

Our team regularly attends training courses and is always on a new stand in terms of technical development.

Dipl.-Eng. Ernst Günter Ache

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